💸 Welcome to BloxRP! 💰
This is a BETA game which means: Bugs will appear, Content is subject to change, Stats may be wiped at any time, Servers will be shut down with little to no warning.

Set in a fictional place called Blox State, its a Roleplay experience like no other. It is based off a popular gamemode from Garry's Mod, but not far from moving past and beyond! 🔥

- Spatial Voice has been enabled on new servers.

We have:
✔️ Money Printers!
✔️ Turrets!
✔️ Paychecks!
✔️ Weapons Shops!
✔️ Housing!
✔️ Props!
✔️ Weapon Inventory!
✔️ Gamepasses!
✔️ Bodyarmor and Helmets! 
✔️ Player made Banks!
AND Cryptominers and Crypto Market!

Cryptominers are for advanced users, search on YouTube how to mine!

Private Servers


This experience does not support Private Servers.


There are currently no running experiences.