Welcome to Mako Mermaids, a game based on & inspired by the Mako Mermaids and H2O Just Add Water Series!

Here you can have fun with your friends as a mermaid/merman or human, explore the ocean or other places on land, and much more! 

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❖ Original game created by Qwerbly on 30th March 2019 ❖

[This game is currently a work in progress]

-------------- Updates ---------------
~ New map update!
~ New Ocean Cafe & Valentine's day decorations! 💞
~ Bugs and glitches fixes
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● Disclaimer: This game is not taking part in the Mako Mermaids Community, nor any other Mermaids/Mermen Communities!

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✽ Game Icon by Gyiane052019 ✽

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©2019 - All rights reserved to Jonathan M. Shiff Productions

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