This is a descendant of SCARFACIAL's uncopylocked Survival 303.
The original was created by Davidii and many other contributors.
I have fixed the old game and added new content.
VIP Servers are now (actually) free!

MOTD: Thank god, the grass is no longer a crafting ingredient!
=== Version 12.3===
-crafting can occur in any order in most cases
-added proximity chat, bound to semicolon (;)
-Boats can now be retooled in Docks/Harbors for big/small ships respectively
-Catapults and Carts can be retooled in a Garage (Recipe: Wall+Wall+Wall+Plank+Plank)
-added Windmill to determine windage for boats (Recipe: 5 Small Tree Stumps)
-added Rain Coat to negate storm damage (Recipe: Fabric+Fabric+String+Oil)
-Added highlight animations for forage
-Tools have a 1 second wait after being equipped.


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