Note: this game is in beta

Yellow and Orange Key Simplified
White Key Is Out....Good Luck!
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Not your average speed simulator - solve puzzles and quests to obtain all they keys and unlock bonus features

The Speed Simulator Pinata Party Is Active: 
Get Coins and Energy As It Rains From The Sky! 
A Limited Time Event - Only on Speed Simulator X!

Speed Simulator X :
Welcome, Race against Rivals, Collect Coins, Buy Drinks and Become The Fastest Player In Game!

Special Event: The Start Of The Adventure: 
Collect All The Keys For a Special In Speed Simulator Item - 10 Keys Total to be released

Coming Soon To Speed Simulator X - 
🐱 : Pets! 

Speed Simulator X Team: 
Dev: Growlingmaxo 
Scripter: raretendoblox
Music Composer : Manel_Navola (Remixed)
GFX: DarkEntlty & Respirize
Egypt Map: Exspects

Speed Simulator X Credit: 
Music For SpaceMap : cookielandpalace

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