Welcome to Flunkville, the most carefree town around!

Here in Flunkville there are many things for you to discover and explore. While visiting, you may even find yourself in unique situations for you to experience. Based off of a classic Roblox game, Flunkville is a breath of fresh air for you to discover.

💙 Use code LIVEOPS to own the Bookzilla hat for free! You can also get your own zombie outfit and zombie hat for free in the customization gui!

🎃 Halloween Update 
- 🍬 Sweets!
- 😵 New Fails!
- 📜 New Quests!
- ⚰️ New Locations!
- 🎶 Seasonal Music!
- 🥚 New Easter Eggs!
- 👻 Spooky Decorations!
- 💰 New Chest Locations!
- 🧟 Seasonal Outfits and Hats!

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