[Daily Rewards and Gold Boost Week!]
- Get rewards for logging in each day!
- +50% Gold Boost this week!
- +100% XP Boost this week!

[📈 Pets UI Improvements | Version 5.184]
- Pets UI Locking!
- Pets UI Bulk Sell!
- Mass Upgrade button added to Rebirths UI!

- Artifacts have been introduced! Artifacts are powerful new items that boost several in game currencies!
- Players can unlock Artifacts using Quest Points earned from completing quests in game!
- Artifact chests are available in the Temple zone!
- Equipped Artifacts show on your player Nameplate!

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[Group - Join for in game bonus!]

Welcome to Giant Simulator! The most competitive simulator on Roblox! Train to become the strongest, fastest, richest player around! Find epic loot and rare pets as you level up and dominate the server 😈. Can you become a Giant legend?

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