⚠️ The clover event is ending on Monday 4/6! Spend all your clovers before then!

[Patch 5.167]
☘️+2x Clovers weekend!!

[Patch 5.164] ☘️Clovers update is live!
- ⛰️New map released!
- 🐰6 new LIMITED themed pets available! Find them in the Clover chest in the cave!
- ☘️Clover pickups are enabled. These pickups grant an event currency of “Clovers”, in addition to all other pickup resources.
- 🐾New +4 pet equip upgrade now available! (Stacks)
- ⚙️New settings added for disabling your pets or others’ pets.

[Patch 5.144]
🐾PETS are live!!! Find them in the cave!

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- Clans!

[Group - Join for in game bonus!]

Welcome to Giant Simulator! The most competitive simulator on Roblox! Train to become the strongest, fastest, richest player around! Find epic loot and rare pets as you level up and dominate the server 😈. Can you become a Giant legend?

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