⭐Welcome to Dragon Ball Hyper Blood!⭐
Defeat bosses, hit enemies to gain experience, and train in order to increase your power and unlock transformations! 
Say Nimbus to use it!
Code Drop at 46k Likes ⭐
⚠️ If you exploit you will be permanently banned from the game⚠️
If your stats don't load correctly, type "!rejoin" in chat!⚠️⚠️

Please support me with a Like and I'll continue updating <3
Max Zenkai Boost = 80

Gamepasses are applied upon entering a server, so if you buy one, rejoin the game!

[Q]: Ki Blast (Trains Ki)
[E]: Attack (Trains attack and agility)
[R]: Workout (Trains defense)
[B]: Transform
[M]: Toggle Menu
[V]: Toggle Aura
[F]: Scouter (Must be hovering over a player!)
Fly: Double-Tap jump
Fast Flying: Hold Shift

Game Inspired in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super


There are currently no running experiences.