[This RP game's lore is based on Finnish and Norse mythologies, but it is its own mythology with its own gods and history.]

Premium benefits:
- Special weapons (blades, an axe, a hammer and a spear)

M = Map
B = Bag
T = Weapons
Q = Animations
P = Magic
C = Cloak
E = Slide
R = Roll

Only 60 years ago, the curse known as The Great Plague almost wiped out all life on Modir. There has not been a moment of peace, as the Plague Creatures still roam the lands at night. But all the races of Modir have united to fight against the terrors of the night, now prepared for it better than ever. It is not believed another wave of The Great Plague would come anytime soon, however a dark presence has been in the air for a while now...


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