"I joined ROBLOX so that someday somebody would drop a house into a giant blender :). That dream has become a reality..." - Erik Cassel, ROBLOX Admin ***** An old gimmick place revamped: This could blend anything! But make sure the lid is on tight! *Commands*: /forcefield, /unforcefield, /add coconut, /add tophat, /add orange, /add grape, /add banana, /add chocolate, /add vanilla, /add apple, /add water, /add milk /add noobs, /cover, /uncover, /add pineapple, /add juice, /add hammer, /add egg, /add blender (Complete with a spawn location :D!), /add house, /add me, /add plane, /add pie, /add cream, /add cookie, /add cheese, kick (player you want gone)...*New MaxPlayer Commands* /lowmaxplayers, /highmaxplayers...------------------------People with my VIP T-shirt on ( can use the following commands: /add fireworks, /add bomb, /freeze, /unfreeze.

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