It finally finished! The long waited for Gold Tycoon is finished!

   This is my first tycoon game, it still has a lot of bugs and I'm still working on it, but it IS playable. So far I only have 4 factories and It is pretty simple.

      Just go to a factory door to own it and buy a producer and your on your way! :)

   Technical Support:
      If there are any major problems, just comment them or PM them to me. The problems that I'm aware of are:

1. When you own a factory and try to own another one, sometimes the message that pops up stays there.

2. Sometimes, when you try to enter your factory, the door closes too soon.

3. If the place lags, and you have maxed out production speen and minimun belt speed, the gold blocks will pop out of place.

   Try to watch out for these errors :)   .

   FYI (For You Information):
      I will be trying to update this place daily to add new objectives, gadgets, toys, and etc. I will also be working on other

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