All models, scripts, interface and animations were made by me. Inspiration was the game "Brawl Stars", which belongs to Supercell, and can be downloaded on Google Play.
It's a fan-made game for fans and new players that want to discover this world

Latest Updates:
-New community-made Battle Music: "Collision"
-free rewards inside lobby towers only on Arena servers
-Lobby Remodel
-Global Leaderboard
-Pins and Sprays
-Teaming system on Arena (3 Players max)
-Showdown Modifiers (Meteors, Healing Mushrooms and Energy Drinks)
-Kill messages
-Bushes remodel
-True Gold and Silver Meg
-New Battle Music: Grave Chaos
-Super now doesen't reset after respawn
-Meg's Star Powers
-New Legendary Brawler - Meg
-Star Points and first Star Skin - Iris Tara
-True Gold and Silver Tara
Full Update log is on our Server in Social Links

Check out our Server in Social Links, to suggest something, report bugs or just talk.


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