A fan-made game based on Brawl Stars

All models, scripts and animations were made by me. Inspiration was the game "Brawl Stars", which belongs to Supercell, and can be downloaded on Google Play.

Latest Updates:
-New Brawler from Trophy Road: Stu!
-Darryl's Star Power (Steel Hoops)
-EMZ's Star Powers
-Rico Remodel
-Progress reset option
-Bull's Star Power (Tough Guy) and Rico's Star Power (Robo Retreat)
-Jessie's Star Power (Energize)
- 8-Bit's Star Powers
-Star Powers! (7 for now, more coming soon!)
-Power Cubes!
-New Brawler: Rosa
-New Gamemode: Solo Showdown
-Shark Leon
-Dynamike's Super
-Pirate Gene
-Super for Tara
-Bo Super
-New Boss Fight
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