___🔥UPDATE🔥___ [PC EXCLUSIVE update, for now]
-ADDED A NEW NPC! The Mechanic!
-ADDED A NEW NPC! The Scavenger!
-6 NEW NPC missions! (Check the new NPCs)
-11 NEW Trades! (Check the new NPCs)
-10 NEW Unlockable Upgrades! (Check the new NPCs)
-Bug fixes and small changes

___🏕️Welcome to Death Zone!🏕️___
✨Roleplaying/PvE! Cooperate with other survivors and fight against the monsters!
🔫PvP! Fight against other players for resources!
🏗️Building! You can find materials in order to build a base!
✔️Skills & Upgrades! Level up in order to improve on your character!

If you enjoy Death Zone, you can 👍 Thumbs up and ⭐ Favorite the game!
👍 70k likes to unlock code for Legendary Animated Skin for all guns!
👍 80k likes to unlock code for 300 free credits!

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