🚨 NEW CODE AT 300K LIKES! 👍 Use code "verycoolcode" for a Gold Potion!

🌴 New Dungeon: Elementus Returns!
🛡️ New Treasure Pass: Complete quests, earn points, and claim tons of free rewards! Upgrade to Treasure Pass Gold for more than DOUBLE the rewards, access to exclusive perks, & more!
🦪 New Pearls Currency! Earn them from Bosses and Quests!
🛍️ New Summer 2022 Shop!
🦩 New Tropical Lobby!
🔥 New Promos NPC!
🥥 Coconut Hunt!
📜 New Quests!
🧪 2 New Limited Time Recipes!
⚔️ 2 New Limited Time Quest Rewards!
💰 2 New Packs!
➕ A LOT MORE! Check out the in-game changelog!

⚔️ Welcome to Treasure Quest! Loot treasure, battle monsters, and complete unique quests as you and your friends become the ultimate treasure hunters! Fight as a Wizard or a Warrior, the choice is yours!

⭐ Join the group "Nosniy Games" for a special Chat Tag, exclusive Weapon, and access to the Prize Wheel!


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