🚨 NEW CODE AT 350K LIKES! 👍 Use code "thx_for300klikes" for an XP Potion!

📦 New Permanent Dungeon - Missing Map!
🧪 New Permanent Recipe - Hex Wings!
🏆 New Prize Wheel!
🎒 Effects, Potions, Scrolls, Chests, & Nametags now stack! Potions with different durations stack separately, as well as scrolls with different rarities
🔥  New Quick Apply Effect feature! You can now easily apply an effect onto a ton of items much quicker
❤️ New Quick Favoriting feature! You can now favorite & unfavorite items much quicker by tapping the heart in your Backpack next to the search bar
🌴 Summer Update is over!

⚔️ Welcome to Treasure Quest! Loot treasure, battle monsters, and complete unique quests as you and your friends become the ultimate treasure hunters! Fight as a Wizard or a Warrior, the choice is yours!

⭐ Join the group "Nosniy Games" for a special Chat Tag, exclusive Weapon, and access to the Prize Wheel!


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