NOTE: This game is in a very early stage of development, what you see in the game is not final

NEW Updates every Friday!

Game Ports
PC: 100%
Mobile: 50%

Codes/Events: [+5k Likes = Code, +10k Likes = Event]

⚔️20K likes [O]
🗡️Code: ~Coming Soon~
*NEW*🗡️Event: Aqua Scythe! (Ends 10/20/19)
🗡️Code: "PVPALPHA" +1 Grail Sword!
⚔️15K likes [O]
🗡️Code; "15KLIKES" - 750 gold
🗡️Code; "5MVISITS" - 50 health potions!

Hold Left Shift to sprint!
Turn off shift lock to avoid parkour/horse glitches

Recent Updates
- Checkpoints have been added into all of the raids with an all new 3 life system!
- Matsumae's drops now depend on your raid points!
- Wind element magic! (5 new spells)
- After equipping armor/weapons/magic your character setup will now save!
- New Phantom armor set has been added to the shop under armor!
- New Phantom Scythe and Leaf Blade have been added

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