Shutdowns = Updates!

Hold Left Shift to sprint!

No codes are currently out D:

Recent Updates
(6/15/19) - You can now collect the Lightning Blade in raid drops!
-Shield's have been added!
- 5 New swords/ 1 new armor set, was added to the shop!
- Rouge camps have been added to the open world!
- Bug patches!
(6/7/19) - Parkour has been introduced into the game! There's instructions in the Lobby on how to use it!(TURN OFF SHIFT LOCK)
- Raids have been re designed to work with the new parkour!
- Lobby Map extension! 
- Bug patches
(6/1/19) - Counter Blade has been added into the game! To activate it's special press f, any damage you take once it's activated will be deflected 3 times stronger at your opponent!

NOTE: This game is in a very early stage of development, what you see in game in NOT FINAL, feel free to leave feedback of what you want to see in the game on the group wall or on my twitter (@BeasTakip). If you run into glitches please contact me

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