now you are screaming when you are falling fast
the hit and fall sounds are separated
as everyone asked, i made an option to configure brightness, go to options and set the value you want it to be divided by (the default brightness is 6)
🇷🇺 чтобы включить русский язык, зайди в 'options' и включи его та м
🔲 supports both R6 and R15

say thanks to roblox for the prop physics lag

🎮 controls:
click [R] to ragdoll/unragdoll
click [E] to grab/ungrab
hold [E] while grabbing to charge , release [E] to throw
hold [LMB] while grabbing to make the distance between you and item... farther?..

🐜 if you notice any bugs or having suggestions, join the deskcord server down here

🛡️ the official game group:
🛡️ deskcord server invite: vCQMGT2
📞 if you need to contact me, then friend me in deskcord and message me: noxy#0001

🏷️ som tru tags:
Noxy , Noxy's , Ragdoll , Simulator , Test , Engine , Ragdoll Engine , R6 , R15 .

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