[Spatial Voice]
👋 Welcome to Ronopoly! This is the Roblox-themed version of the classic monopoly board game! All rules and gameplay mechanics follow that of the board game.

🏆 Users that have a trophy emoji next to their name means that they participated in and won a gamenight! Participate in gamenights for a chance to earn this unique symbol in-game! 🏆

✨ Join the lobby and invite your friends! ✨

👉 Want to create lobbies for you and your friends only? Check out our Private Servers for only 10 Robux! 👈

Gameplay Guide:

🎮 This game supports XBox/Console. Please note that XBox players do NOT have access to chat! This is due to Microsoft policy with keeping the game available on the XBox store.

Press the select button to start the controller mouse. Use left thumbstick to move mouse, A to select highlighted options, and DPad to scroll. 🎮


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