Free solo mode
Teleport buttons
Morph is now free

View a player's current avatar and their costume outfits, view & buy items from an outfit, morph into an outfit, or just mess around with different outfits. Favorite outfits you like so you can get back to them another time, or morph into them, by going into the favorites building.

- View any player on Roblox's avatar outfits (creepy ik blame roblox)
- Buy items directly off outfits
- Morph into any outfit
- Favorite outfits to view, morph or buy from later
- Free solo mode for your private outfit-stalking pleasure ;)
- VIP servers to avoid trolls when playing with your buddies

Coming Features 2020:
- Whitelisting some gears (social gears, transport, food, ect)
- Hiding in favorites building (gimme some privacy >:o)
- Create clothing stores with custom outfits and decoration, and easily share them
- Create outfits with custom data (items you don't own)
- Show bundle instead of individual items

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