This game is an inspiration by Lab Experiment (by Sharkbyte Studios) and Plates Of Fate (by DylanBuildar)

One of the most random and chaotic survival games on ROBLOX

How do you play this game? When the game starts, you are assigned and teleported to a random plate while other plates with no owners are removed out of the way. Your plate will stay in the arena until you are eliminated or it runs out of studs. You won't be eliminated if you lose your plate so don't worry! As you are in-game, random events will launch in the arena at given intervals that can either affect you, your plate, or the whole arena. Some events can be helpful, deadly, useless, or just for fun. To win, you must be the last player standing. You can still win if you are eliminated last. There is a shop that can help you but almost everything won't last forever. Hope you enjoy the game!

Thumbnails made by kirbyzaz, ImplictBullet, xKorl, Snowby3D, and Trelakor
Lobby built by hpto

Thank you AlvinBlox for playing


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