⚡Welcome to God Simulator! ⚡
Smite your enemies and cause havoc! Unleash your wrath on the community of oddwood to become the mightiest god of all! Equipped with unique abilities and pets, each god allows for the complete destruction of buildings and players alike. Demolish cities. Defeat your foes. Obliterate Chickens. Your power is limitless.
⚡ Update 3.5 ⚡
🦄🔄🦄 Pet Trading
🚨NEW CODE!🚨 Use "sea" to earn a free Coral Dolphin!
🔱 Play as Poseidon🔱
🐚Free-to-play Atlantis areas to destroy!🐚
🎌Server-wide Atlantis event
🔧 Reworks to our battle system to increase efficiency

🔱New Atlantis sections
⚔️ Titan Battles
Much much more...

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Support these amazing people!
Builders - @OddDogeRBLX & @woodall25RBLX
Pet Modeler - jeisoncm95
Thumbnail - @rightIess
Testing - @RxppRay & @Maplestick1

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