⌥ 5:30 pm EST - 8:30 pm EST
⌥ Minimum of 10 players to preflood
⌥We will not defend if we are in an event
⌥We have the right to decline any preflood

Due to consecutive preflooding, we have a cooldown period of 45 minutes for any preflood. 
To optimize your preflooding experience, we suggest letting a HR know in advance, you must notify a high rank and they must accept.
⌥ Dual cap 900 unless low numbers / scheduled event
⌥ Minimum of 10 players, maximum 15.
⌥No exploiting, no mercs.
⌥No kicking without proof, must dm to raid host before kicking.
⌥Constant ping spikes over 350+ is subject to a kick, along with constant 12+ studding. 
⌥No glitching. Warning first, then kick.
⌥No harassment of any kind.
⌥Servers must be started by TNS/Must be EST servers. If not we have the right to restart the server without permission.
⌥ TNS is allowed to kick suspicious players without proof.
⌥No alternate accounts when raiding. We are obligated to kick/ban any alts on sight.


There are currently no running experiences.