Steven Universe on ROBLOX! Explore all your favorite locations from the show and role-play with others. Updated frequently. Currently unfinished. Fusion does not work. If you reset or die, you might need to rejoin the game. May be laggy and buggy. The higher the graphics, the better the quality. Of course, graphics 2/3+ works just fine.

/run to run 
/walk to walk
/poof to poof
/unpoof to regenerate

***Character editor is not being done by me, but rather someone else on my team. I haven't forgotten about it and we will post updates when they come.***

Latest Updates : 

(4/18) - Revamped Galaxy Warp 
          - Transitioning to new skyboxes
(4/7) - Lunar Sea Spire and Ancient Sky Arena
(3/10) - Homeworld Kindergarten added
(1/21) - Prime Kindergarten Finished

 Next Updates : 

- TBD.

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