DecQ is usually hosted twice every Saturday.

🇺🇸8:30am (East Coast America)
🇬🇧12:30pm (UK)
🇪🇺1:30pm (Western Europe)
🇪🇺2:30pm (Eastern Europe)
🇮🇳5pm (India)
🇹🇭6:30pm (Thailand)
🇦🇺🇨🇳🇵🇭7:30pm (West Coast Australia, China, Philippines)
🇳🇿9:30pm (East Coast Australia)

Game 2

🇺🇸11:30am (West Coast America)
🇺🇸2:30pm (East Coast America)
🇬🇧7:30pm (UK)
🇪🇺8:30pm (Western Europe)
🇪🇺9:30pm (Eastern Europe)

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DecQ is a simple game. From week to week the format may change, but the concept remains the same. All you have to do is try to answer 10 questions correctly. The faster you answer each question correctly, the more points you earn. The contestant or contestants with the most points will win!

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