Bengali's Planks: One of the finest planks on Roblox where you can become a more professional mouse clicker
Say :start to get your game started or to reset your loadout!

No exploiting or else big ban
Big thank you to VenomRising, IndianRaider, and Trivlax

[Update Log]
V1.1 - CQC area added, you can switch teams with a command now "join/CQC1" 
V1.2 - ACS Engine
V1.3 - Range added with two snipers, M110, MR147S
Fix - Spawn buildings and barriers fixed, you can go in them now.and shoot through the open spaces.
V.1.3.5 - Updated to ACS 1.7.5, new guns in CQC 1 and 2. Secondary weapons added to OPFOR/BLUFOR/CQC1/CQC2
V1.4 - Revamped OPFOR/BLUFOR map
V1.5 - New GRNFOR/YELFOR map
Fix - Lean fixed 


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