A map for Kings Clash by BuildIntoGames. A few maps for Fracture Studios. The Mad Hotel map in Mad games. The river map in League of Roblox by Davidii (His favourite). All the maps in Hexaria by me and Biostream. Characters, weapons and a map for Karos RPG by Me Brayonce and RocketerKid. A Clothing store, cafe and swimming pool for Plum Clothing. A few maps for Inkblot by Team Rudimentality. Scripting for Obixilar by Me and AonuxTheSecond (DrBigWallet). An Easter Map for Team Theorem game Tegg, A map/Dungeon for Heroes! by Davidii. A HQ for Kestrel. A Map for Freeze tag 2 by MonkrysGhost. The Infant and Elder maps in Dexur's game called Life. A map for Envision Lab's Slash Sword Fighting Arena. A designer mania map for MonkrysGhost. Weapons and map for Medieval Warfare New Age by ExohdaCody. A T-rex, Minion and Dog for Tomarty's Animation Lab. New units for Weeve's Control RTS. Model for ROBLOX Deathrun. Vehicles for Phoeni-

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