made by Fruitysama, RJeneration, Borjal, christianstar206

Thanks to Mighty for the inspiration:

All stat gain increased, mainly durability and stamina [2x exp]

The 3 Special Clans each have a special move from the trainers.
Reinhold and Gizenga get bigger bodies

At D-rank you get a title, ranks go from F class to Legend


Accounts need to be at least 3 months old to play.

Running out of Stamina will Knock you
Do Missions Near Station to get Money
Blue bar is stamina, Yellow bar is hunger, Red is health
Need hunger to regen stamina and health.
If stamina hits 0 you are ko'd!
Red name means your in Combat
B to execute downed players
F to Block with combat tool
Q to Dash

Get stronger!

Credit to: Seanzu, simonsoysauce, centuriontb

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