Rubra Stella; This is the name of a revolutionary new space mission that NASA is running officially. It means "Red Star" in Latin. It's objective? To take 4 people to Mars to attempt a manual landing and then re-enter the Earth's atmosphere successfully.

Director DalekBobored, built the base, and Mars Lander and scripted it and Director Danjammey designed the rocket. The patch was by Nasaboy135.

This launch site is used for Rubra-Stella Missions, which we launch and plan to launch monthly.

In Rubra Stella Missions, the rocket is launched, which is then separated to the lander. The lander, goes and lands on Mars. The Astronauts then proceed with their Martian Walk. Once done, they return and the lander is launched back to Earth, where they land in a pool full of water. They then either swim or use the boat to get to dry land. 

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