Welcome to the Mythsman Diner!
Socialize with myths and myth hunters alike, pop a drink and listen to some tunes.
NOTE: Shutdowns = Updates
Thumbnail credit:
CIairaudience for making the game icon.
DrAbelRupin for making a thumbnail.
Developer credit:
Dianoetic for mainly building a lot of assets for the Diner.
Toziphobia for re-making the menu and just scripting generally.
ToastedBlues for making models and scripting.
CIairaudience for making models.
Pennyypacker for making models.
Smiley624 for making models and new foods.
BIueMirror for supervision and assistance.
Kites_Calamity for the original Diner build.
McWafflez4Realz for the original scripting and food.
Art Credit:
Pennyypacker for making the sunset painting and the official Mythsman Diner poster.
ToastedBlues for making the Mythsman framed poster.

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