Welcome to the Mythsman Diner!
Socialize with myths and myth hunters alike, pop a drink and listen to some tunes.
NOTE: Shutdowns = Updates
Thumbnail credit:
CIairaudience for creating the Stranger Things themed game icon and thumbnail.
DrAbelRupin for making a thumbnail.
Developer credit:
Kites_Calamity for making the main Diner and many of the models in the game (Yes, she made a lot).
CIairaudience for making some models.
ToastedBlues for also making some models.
McWafflez4Realz for making all the food in the Diner, as well as scripting, teleports and making some of the easter eggs.
BIueMirror for the kitchen.
SIeepism for some models.
Art Credit:
Pennyypacker for making the sunset painting and the official Mythsman Diner poster.
roseblossom0 for making the crew fan art.

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