Welcome to Ninja Masters! Ninja Masters is an open-world RPG/Simulator style game! Battle other enemies along with other players to gain both Ninjitsu and EXP!  Collect pets along the way to help you become a stronger ninja, and level up to gain perks as well. Unlock new zones to fight stronger enemies that give better rewards!

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🚨 UPDATE 4 🚨
✨ - 2 new rebirth zones!
βš”οΈ - 6 New katanas
🐶 - 4 new rebirth pets!
🐕 - New 10 pet gamepass!
🥚 - New rebirth egg!
🐦 - 3 NEW Twitter codes (@StudiosNimble)
📜 - New quests in rebirth zone!
🛠️ - Bug fixes, music changes, and other adjustments.
⬆️ - PC Players: Double tap space bar to double jump!

- Leaderboards
- Pet Trading [possibility]
- More Zones
- More Katanas
- More AI

Please tweet at us with any bugs or concerns

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