Unfortunately the game broke due to a roblox update. 

The game is now “open source”, assuming you are willing to abide by the following license terms.
1.	You must credit the original assets creator both in game and in the description for any assets you use.
snboneman529 - Buildings
shadowcalen1 - Maps, Units, Turrets
WeepyStingray - Scripts, UI 
zakman97 - Scripts, Unimplemented Units
2.	Assets from this game may only be redistributed if they follow the terms of the original license
3.	Assets from this game may not be sold or distributed in such a manner that the distributer obtains something in exchange. 
If you find these terms agreeable, please join the server linked below and make a post in the dev contact channel.

For the record this game was playable before the release of both The Conquers 3 and The Conquers MKII.

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