[The original name was censored; we had to remove the O at the end of the owner's name 😒]

Welcome to Chech's Deltarune Roleplay! Roleplay as a vast assortment of characters from Deltarune: Chapter 1 & 2 in a fun, expansive world!

Developer credits can be found in-game.

If you see someone with a hammer next to their name, that most likely means that they are a developer and are not to be mixed up with the game owner, JohnnyLostCause.  As such, they may be unable to answer any questions about game/AU requests. If you'd like a more direct response, join our chat server below! (13+ only)

Certain rooms in the game have a moving effect to them which may cause nausea or headache in a small portion of the population. 


There are currently no running experiences.