Fixed wallet/bank now showing properly.

How To Play:
Go to islands with a ship and mine ores. Crystal (blue) is worth the most. 

To mine, swing your pick at it and move around as you swing.

One you've mined it, it'll appear in your hand. DO_NOT_DESELECT_IT. 

Place the ore in a storage crate by touching it to the crate. To remove from a crate, go near it and click it.

Find a store island (A store is an orange/brown building with 2 glass windows out front) and talk to the shopkeeper to sell.

Once you have money in your wallet, go to a bank (Tall brown building) and talk to the bankkeeper. He will place your wallet in the bank. If you die with money in your wallet, it will drop. So don't die!

This game is my project until  user animations are out.
Changelog ingame.


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