To be honest, I don't know why I made this but yeah basically I just broke your characters bones and uh made you into a snail, now your job is to like the game and uh become spongebobs new pet snail

How To Play:
Buttons are self explanitory
Press the slow button to switch your snail speed into going faster
Catch jellyfishes or win snail races for points
Use points to customize shell or slime

(If you join a race with no one in it but you, you get no points)

Note: I sadly will be updating this one more time for a jellyfish catching feature but enjoy for now

Real_KingBob - Progammer
Captain_Goobles - Programmer
LordLongNose - Builder

Update Log: 4/4/19 - After a long wait of this update, it has been released and more to come friday

Disc: 8Q3wfZD

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