🎩 Stack your hats and race to the top!

🏆 - Update 10
⬆️ - LEVELS! You now have the ability to increase the stats of your hats by levelling up! (More info @ 🎩 Shop)
🏝️ - We've released a new pass that will unlock all of the lands instantly for you, get exploring!
✨ - New Valkyrie Helm!
🎩 - New Hat Shop system, doesn't bug and you can change hat rotations in preview!
📚 - New Hat Stack system, decreases lag, enjoy!
🎵 - New Theme Music by BSlickMusic!
🐞 - A bug fixed which caused some players unable to rebirth.

👻 - 16 New Hats!
🍬 - Earn Candy from the Witch!
😺 - Pet Hunt has started!

Weekly Race Info:

A game by BlastOff Studios🚀

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