Welcome to Survival Zombie Tycoon! Collect resources, build a defensive base, gear up with a huge variety of weapons and team with friends to battle foes and fight off endless nights of zombies!

💾 Data auto saves 💾

✉️ Send a message about any bugs or concerns you encounter in game

Premium benefits:
+Unique chat tag
+Unique overhead icon
+2X Cash and Energy (4X with Double Value game pass)

April Update!
+New codes (see group)
+Minor map changes
+Fixed drop machine bug
+Fixed stuck zombie pathing
+Fixed hitbox issues for Horseman's Axe
+Buffed First Aid healing (35% to 50%)
+Buffed Juggernaut Armor (2X healing)
+New Spike Shield melee (included with Juggernaut Armor)
+New "HELLBLAZE" sword (included with Slayer armor)
+Increased Cash & Energy rates
+Leaderboards updates more faster
+Rebirth cool down now declines in real time
+Added "Top Rebirths" leaderboard (located on Leaderboard Island)


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