Welcome to a land of both animals and mythical creatures, living in a land of peace and harmony (mostly)! Collect various animals, ranging from wolves to tigers! Customize your creature, with various coloring options! Explore a large, open world, full of treasure, and mystery..

⚠️ A fast device is needed to explore this huge game! Try lowering your quality settings if you experience frame drops. ⚠️

Winged crystals spawn a lot more when the server is populated! Invite your friends in it if you want crystals!~

If you see someone playing as a dragon, say hi!

Note: This game is currently outdated compared to our newer projects. Updates may be held until a much further date, though the date in which this game will update is dependent on player demand.

Nyapaw - scripting, UI design 🐈
Fennecpaw - graphic design, animation, terrain, lead modelling 🦊
Avianpaw and Jovpaw - modeling, terrain 🦆

wolfs42 - graphics artist (character icon art)

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