Christmas Update was Here (You got a few more days till all the stuff is gone)

New Years Eve Update coming very soon

Complete your challenges for rewards my friend

🔪 Collect new knives and guns. Shoot quick! Slash fast! And most importantly, Don't let your timer run out.

🎉 Monthly Rewards are here 🎉
You can now progress through a monthly changed 30 day leaderboard. This involves multiple prizes based on wins with progress bars. There have been ample other changes since the last major update. Updates are now daily (or every 2 days) a change occurs.

Updates often 📈

📋 Game configured for mobile devices
📋 If you have any feedback don't hesitate to message me!
📋 Enjoy the game!

Relevant keywords: Seconds, Knifes, Battle, Inventory, collect, Timer, Time, Knife, Gun, Action, Fighting

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