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To kick a player say !votekick then the player's name.

To everyone claiming the game is laggy, glitchy or boring, the word "testing" is in the title, it isn't a full game so don't treat it as one.

O Mark 46
U Mark 42
Y Mark 43
Z Mark 44 (Hulkbuster)
P War Machine (with gamepass)

Suit Control:
Double jump to fly
Q Left Repulsor
E Right Repulsor
R Chest Repulsor
H Hover
G Grab
F Speed boost
T Laser
L Light
M Helmet
N Eject
U/Y/O/P Call ejected suit
X Remove suit
Shift to sprint
Left Click to punch
Hold Left Click for scanner

Voice Commands:
Power down/Cut power
Power up
Sentry mode
Send them all
Send suit

Credit to Therxos for the map

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