Midnight Horrors is a survival-horror game like none other! In Midnight Horrors, killers will spawn at the Red Circle of Oculus. When killers spawn, you have to survive them for two minutes. Some killers have unique abilites. After a round ends, you are met with a thirty-five second intermission. What makes this game so special is it's Special Rounds (which occur randomly.) Special Rounds were added to spice up the gameplay. Some Special Rounds will include more than one killer, or even make the game darker. There is also a shop where you can buy Items with Points and Survivals. No, Points do not save.


Scripters - a_tophat, CrazyCorrs, and Mayk728
Thumbnails - DuckmanMLG_HD360, Rock_R3b00T3D,  UilmateGate, and CaptainSpinxs
Animations - Sir200Pro (Player Animations) and CaptainSpinxs
Sounds - CaptainSpinxs
Meshes - Headlesss_Head & Glubbables

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