✨🏹『NEW UPDATE v0.9』 🏹✨
➢ New trading system; Trade Stands! Trade Items! and multiple other QoL features
➢ 7 new Stand skins!
➢ 4 new Cosmetics!
➢ and more in game!

Welcome to Your Bizarre Adventure, an RPG-styled game that revolves around obtaining strong and unique spiritual abilities known as "STANDS", fighting gangs, and more! Read the help section in-game! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY'S SERVER LINK BELOW FOR CODES, UPDATES, ANNOUNCEMENTS, AND MORE HELP!

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➢ You will be banned for any form of exploiting and there will be no appeals unless you have high quality video evidence that shows it was you getting falsely banned as it happened. It is highly suggested to use the applications "Medal" or "Shadowplay" to achieve this for your own safety.



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