Can you survive the 33 CRAZY disasters? 

Patch notes:
- 3 New Disasters: Slenderman, Negative Ghost & Flaming Noobs
- 3 New Shop Items: Weak & Strong Forcefield, Ice Potion
- Changes to Thanos & Bigfoot disaster
- Minor bug fixes
- Increased player count +5

Current disasters: Alien tank, Bigfoot, Bomber planes, Classic skeletons, Classic swordfight, Creepers, Epic ducks, Exploding books, Falling weights, Giant Elmo, Giant Noob, Hyperlaser fight, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Mud slide, Rising acid, Erupting Volcano, Ronald McDonald, Skeletons have risen, Slingshot fight, Spongebob, Squeeze, Thanos, Tsunami, Uber Jason, Avalanche, Walls are Closing In, Raining Bombs, H4cK3r & Disappearing Plates, Slenderman, Negative Ghost & Flaming Noobs

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