👋 Welcome to Foundation Roleplay's Area-02!

📜 Update 4.0:

- Gun System
- Levelling System
- Optimisation
- Uniforms


🌐 The SCP Foundation is a global organization dedicated to researching and containing anomalous entities known as SCPs. These can be both dangerous and friendly, don't ever let your guard down!

🔒 Area-02 is located in [REDACTED], Iceland and is said to contain some of the most dangerous SCPs known to the Foundation.

👥 Roleplay as test subjects, scientists, security, secret agents, or the exclusive O5 Council!
👹 Or play as SCPs to cause havoc!


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🎨 Artwork created by BMA_Onkill, Xitra_II, l_lF0, A_urebus & Cacexo.


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