Welcome to Foundation Roleplay's Area-02!

The SCP Foundation is a global organization dedicated to the research and containment of SCPs. SCPs are both dangerous and friendly anomalies that exist around the world.

Area - 02 is located in [REDACTED], Iceland. This area is said to withhold some of the most dangerous SCPs known to the foundation. Many go in but few ever come out. What lies in the abyss?

👥 Roleplay in the Foundation as Class-D personnel, Security, Intelligence, or even the top-level leaders of the Foundation: the O5 Council!

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💰 PURCHASES: Items in Area-02 are NON-REFUNDABLE except through Roblox. Please contact Roblox support for refunds.

🎨 Game icon created by bereghostisboss14589.
🎨 Artwork created by BMA_Onkill, Xitra_II, A_urebus & Cacexo.


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