Hello everybody of Robloxia! I'm proud to present my talent of Smooth Terrain and Medieval (Elder Scrolls-ish) building!
The castle of Frostmyre was built in 1420 When an adventurer named Mountebank found the most perfect  spot to worship his king, Merely. Back then, the king had ruled all the land of Robloxia and became known to be a cunning tyrant. When The castle was finally finished, the folk from Robloxia came storming in and flooded the palace of Frostmyre. When Merely found this out, he was angry. He forced everyone to leave so he can get back to "Studying Future plugins". People thought Merely was the most grand wizard of all, so they didn't ask a thing. When Merely finally opened back up. No one came to Frostmyre because of the rumor that merely is a fraud. There was a new king from The Astral Isles named Seranok claiming that Merely is merely a clone. To be continued!

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