This game based on a Bikini Bloxtom is a passion project that me and a few of my friends have been working with on and off for a few years. I hope it can bring a few people the joy that it's brought to us.

Sorry, it may take a while to load.

Please, if you are thinking about rating this game good or bad, it would be amazing if you message me on how I can make this game better. It is about 6% done for building and 0% done for scripting right now. Sorry, there isn't much to do yet, we will add more when the building part of the game is close to done.
I love to read all your suggestions, each one matters to me, it helps improve the game and helps you guys have a better experience.



theeMega (aka megawarrior9)

Tyler8d, he also made a part of the decals that you will see in the game.

Altronic9 (rip stove 54)

()Thanks to()

HeroGFX and IPhynx for making the thumbnail and game icon!
BobbySayHi for allowing me to use his decals!


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