-Use your mouse to guide you where you want to move.
-Use 1,2,3, and 4 to move your arms and legs. (Easiest to move if you spam these with your mouse in the direction you want to go)
-Hold down a key bind with your mouse over an object to grab the object and/or release it. You do not have to keep holding once you have grabbed it.
-Press a key bind while holding your mouse over a button to push it

This is the story about sliced bread. Loafing Around is a wacky twist to a free-roam game where you can play as sliced bread to destroy the house and participate in competitive minigame trials. Complete objectives, mess around with contraptions, get toasted, or wield a knife and become hostile. The decision is yours! 🍞✨

📚 Future Updates:
-Minigame Mode
-Garage & Second Floor
-Daily Objectives

Become the bread you've always wanted to be.
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