cant stress my appreciation for the times i was able to spend here with friends. its true tho: sometimes u dont know what u had till its gone, and by then its too late. a lot of times i cherish here. thanks everyone, those still by my side and those who arent, for the memories and experiences. ive made a lot of friendships down this road. unfortunately, many faded with time or are just not what they used to be :[ 

bit hard not to reminisce about how the past was much more carefree, adventurous and perhaps lively. truly wish i couldve spent more time with those around me who i took for granted - perhaps i couldve taken more images from the later years haha :P 

im very grateful for everything you fellas did for me. nostalgia always hits me. regardless of how often we talk, play or even remember each other, i hope you're all doing well and stay safe wherever youse are now 

:] luvyall 
- henry

(thx happybloxxer222, oceax, bkaw, derpedee, guestly and aaroncy for helping out)

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